Safe Step Walk-in Tub Review

For many people with physical limitations caused by age or disability, a walk-in tub is a necessary piece of equipment. The ability to open a door and make only a small step up (4 inches in the case of a Safe Step tub) means that bathing can be an accessible activity for all.

In addition, Safe Step tubs offer massage features such as water and air jets to help bathtubs become places of physical therapy. A walk-in tub, therefore, changes a bathtub from a potential hazard to a therapeutic addition to a home. 

Safe Step as a company is one that focuses on an extremely narrow range of products. Offering only walk-in products for those with mobility issues, Safe Step has built a strong reputation for quality products and speedy installation.

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Pros & Cons
of Safe Step Walk-in Tubs

Below is an outline of the pros and cons of a Safe Step tub.


Ease of installation.

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a Safe Step tub is the ease and speed of installation. Safe Step has its own contractors who install the tub, and the speed with which it is installed after ordering makes it unique in the industry.


Safe Step offers a truly quality product, offering many items as standard that are paid upgrades for many other companies. For example, features like a rapid-drain system and automatic temperature regulation as standard show that Safe Step has its core user in mind.


Although the basic sticker price of a Safe Step tub may be higher than expected (they tailor all quotes to individual circumstances, so you’ll only know the price if you get a quote), the fact that all features are included actually makes a Safe Step model often very good value. Remember when you are getting quotes, to compare Safe Step tubs with those of other manufacturers with similar options.


The wide range of standard features make Safe Step tubs particularly safe; in addition, all Safe Step tubs have a 4-inch entry threshold, which is one of the lowest in the industry. For those with mobility or balance issues, this represents a major increase in overall safety for the tub.


The door.

One of the biggest problems with Safe Step tubs is that the doors open inwards, and there’s no option to add an outward-opening door as part of a customization package. Therefore, Safe Step Tubs are not suitable for people in wheelchairs, who will not be able to get in and out of the tub safely. This is a major omission, given the potential users of these tubs. 

The shell.

The shell of a Safe Step tub is made from gel-coated fiberglass rather than acrylic (which is the standard for other companies within the industry). Therefore, it is more prone to cracking, particularly when put under particular pressure.

The frame.

The frame of the tub is also made from aluminum rather than steel. This is a lighter material, although it may not have the same endurance level as other tubs on the market.

Customer service.

While customer service is generally solid, the live chat option on the website can be hard to use and often fails to provide any accurate information, meaning that you have to call to get the desired answer. For older users or those with restricted ability, this is particularly tricky.

Repair requests.

Some customers complained that Safe Step was slow to respond to their repair requests (meaning that their tubs were out of commission for an extended period of time). In addition, those who made complaints often saw them unanswered or answered only after a long delay.

Generally, therefore, the pros are extremely fundamental, whereas the cons are a little more tangential. On balance, this means that Safe Step tubs are a solid bet.


Safe Step is a relatively young company – having been in existence for a little over ten years. The company is based in Nashville, Tennessee, and specializes in all forms of walk-in products. Safe Step offers walk-in tubs, walk-in showers, and a hybrid walk-in tub/shower. 

Safe Step holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is accredited by the American Arthritis Foundation.


Safe Step’s purchasing process can be slightly confusing because of the emphasis on providing a customized quote. The simplest way to begin the process is to call.


Safe Steps offers a number of different pricing options to help with offsetting the costs. Since walk-in tubs are not (currently) covered under Medicare, funding options can make a huge difference when it comes to the affordability of tubs. 

Safe Step offers a rebate of up to $1,500 under its ‘Helping Hand’ program. You can also access discounted rates if you are a military veteran. For all tubs (and assuming you have good credit), it is possible to access financing plans. Here you can see the average cost of a safe step walk in tub

Customization Options
& Features


There is a surprisingly wide range of different customizations available for what is essentially a straightforward product. However, depending on what your specific needs and budgets are, you can have tubs that emphasize the following:



This model has built-in diffusers, which allow you to add essential oils that help to create a pleasant aroma around your bath.


Shower wand

This is a hand-held shower attachment for your tub, which makes it easy to rinse off while in the bath.


Dual hydrotherapy system

Hydrotherapy has many health benefits. This system has adjustable jets that you can use to massage particular pain points in your body. The ‘dual’ element refers to the fact that there are both water and air jets. The water jets help to provide the massage; the air jets create relaxing bubbles.


Specialist seat

For an upgrade, you can pay to have a contoured and heated seat (including a backrest). This heats up (within 8 minutes) to provide you with a comfortable place to sit in your bath).


The above options are all different customizations. However, all Safe Step walk-in tubs come with the following features as standard. What is truly remarkable about Safe Step’s offerings is that many of the below walk-in tub features are additional add-ons for other companies. For Safe Step, they are essential parts of their offerings:

Anti-slip tub floor
Built-in grab bars
Anti-scald faucets
Automatic temperature regulations
Rapid-drain system
No-strength locking handle

Each of these is designed with comfort and safety in mind and explains why Safe Step was able to get accreditation from the Arthritis Foundation. In addition, the fact that the above are all standard demonstrates Safe Steps’ commitment to providing a truly quality product.


Safe Step does everything it can to ensure that the installation process is smooth. The cost of installation is actually included within the cost of the walk-in tub. The tubs are designed to fit within the typical ‘footprint’ of a bathtub, meaning you’ll not need to create any additional space. 

Safe Step has its own contractors who can install the tub – typically, this process takes less than two days to install. You can use your own contractors if you want, although this may void some parts of the warranty. It is, therefore, very much a better option to use the Safe Step installation team. 

There may be additional costs for installation in the following circumstances:

If there is the need to reroute plumbing
If there is the need to create a new drain location
If there are additional repairs needed to any part of the tub surroundings

Generally, however, these circumstances are relatively rare and any additional costs will be explained to you before proceeding.


Safe Step walk-in tubs have an impressive lifetime warranty, covering the following:


Manufacturing defects




Door seals


Water pumps








Labor (for repairs)

There is also a two-year warranty on the caulking for the tub.

Safe Step Walk-in Tub

Here are some common questions and answers related to Safe Step walk-in tubs:

Are Safe Step tubs covered by health insurance?

Safe Step tubs aren’t covered under Medicare but may be under Medicare Advantage. In the case of private health insurance, you’ll need to speak to your primary care provider as well as your insurance company. If there is a genuine medical need, you may be able to have some (or all) of the costs reimbursed.

What is different about Safe Step?

The biggest difference between Safe Step and other companies is the fact that Safe Step offers a lot of features as standard that are optional extras elsewhere. In addition, the 4-inch step demonstrates that Safe Step has a commitment to its users and to the overall safety of its product. This is not always true of other companies on the market.

How long does it take to get a Safe Step walk-in tub installed?

In most cases, Safe Step is able to get a date within a month for the installation team to visit your home (this will vary depending on where in the country you live and what time of year you are looking for). From there, the actual installation project usually takes less than two days.