Features to Consider Before Buying a Walk-in Tub

If you’re considering purchasing a walk-in tub, there are a few features that you’ll want to keep in mind. Not all walk-in tubs are created equal, and it’s important to choose one that will meet your needs both now and in the future.

In this guide, we will discuss the most important features to consider before making your purchase.

Deciding on a Walk-in Tub to Buy

The particular walk-in tub models that you choose will depend on your specific needs and preferences.  If security is your primary consideration, you’ll want to look for a tub with a built-in seat and grab bar.

If you suffer from joint pain, you’ll want to find a walk-in tub with an ergonomic design that will make it easier to get in and out of the bathtub.

For more help determining if a walk-in tub is right for you, see our page on Walk-in Tub Pros and Cons

So, What are the
Features to Looks For?

Here are the most important features to consider before buying a walk-in tub:


The depth of the tub

Make sure that the tub is deep enough to accommodate your height and body type. This is especially important if you plan on taking baths, rather than showers. It’s also important to ensure that the tub has a comfortable seat so that you can relax in it.


The size and type of the door

Walk-in tubs have two types of doors available: hinged and sliding. Hinged doors can also open inward, or outward. Consider which type of door would be best for your bathroom, and which size would be the best fit. If your bathroom is small, an inward-opening door or a sliding door may be the best option.


The height of the seat

Walk-in tubs come with different height options for the seat, so you can choose the one that’s most comfortable for you. Make sure to consider how high or low you want the seat to be before purchasing a tub.


Heated seats and backrests

Some walk-in tubs come with heated seats and backrests, which can be a nice feature to have if you live in a colder climate. This can help you stay warm while you’re taking your bath, and can make the experience more relaxing.


Hydrotherapy jets

Hydrotherapy jets are another feature that some walk-in tubs have. These jets shoot out water at different pressure levels, and can be used to help soothe muscles or joints. If you’re considering a walk-in tub with hydrotherapy jets, make sure that the tub has enough jets to cover all of your desired areas, and that the pressure levels are adjustable.


Whirlpool jets

If you’re looking for a spa-like experience, some walk-in tubs come with whirlpool jets that can provide a powerful massage. This is a great feature to consider if you suffer from joint pain or arthritis.



Chromotherapy is a type of light therapy that uses different colors of light to promote relaxation. Some walk-in tubs come with this feature, which can be beneficial for people who suffer from anxiety or stress. If you think chromotherapy could help you, make sure to look for a walk-in tub that offers this feature.


Air jets

Air jets are another type of massage feature that some walk-in tubs offer. They create a massaging effect that can help soothe tired muscles and aching joints.


How easy the tub is to clean

Some walk-in tubs have features that make them easier to clean, such as a self-draining system. If this is important to you, make sure you look for a tub with these features.


Quick drain system

One of the best features you can have in a walk-in tub is a quick drain system. This will allow you to get rid of any water that’s been sitting in the tub after your bath or shower, without having to wait for it to slowly drain out.


Safety features

Another important thing to look for are safety features. Many walk-in tubs come with safety features like a seat that will lock in place, grab bars to help you get in and out of the tub, and a non-slip floor. This can make it easier and safer for you to use the walk-in tub.


Quality design and manufacturing

When looking to buy a walk-in tub, it is important to consider the quality of the design and manufacturing. A poorly designed and manufactured walk-in bathtub can be dangerous, and may not meet your needs. Look for a company that has a good reputation for quality products.

Be sure to consider all of these features before purchasing a walk-in tub.

Additional things to be mindful of:

The price

Of course, you’ll also want to consider the price of the walk-in tub. Some tubs are more expensive than others, so be sure to shop around and find the best deal.

The warranty

Most walk-in tubs come with a warranty, so be sure to ask about that before you make your purchase.


Many walk-in tubs require professional installation, so be sure to factor that into your budget.

Can you Take a Shower in a Walk-In Tub?

Walk-in tubs are designed for soaking, not showering. However, some walk-in tubs come with a detachable shower head that can be used to rinse off after your bath. You can also purchase a walk-in tub shower combo.

If you’re looking for a walk-in tub that also allows you to take showers, be sure to look for one with this feature.

Can I Customize the Look of My Walk-in Tub?

One of the great things about walk-in tubs is that you can customize them to look however you want. This means that you can choose a style and color that will complement your bathroom’s décor.

You can also choose features like massage jets and heated seats. Talk to your walk-in tub dealer to see what customization options are available.

What are the Problems
With Walk-in Tubs

Now that we’ve looked at some of the features you should consider before buying a walk-in tub, let’s take a look at some of the problems that can come with them.


One problem that can occur with walk-in tubs is leaking. If the tub isn’t installed properly, it can leak water onto the floor, which can be a safety hazard.


Another problem that can occur is slipping. If the floor of the tub isn’t non-slip, you could easily slip and fall while getting in or out of the tub.

Poor quality

Unfortunately, there are also some poor-quality walk-in tubs on the market. These tubs are often made out of inferior materials, and can be dangerous to use.

As you can see, there are plenty of things you need to consider before buying a walk-in tub. However, if you take the time to do your research and find a quality product, a walk-in tub can be a great addition to your home.

How Durable are Walk-In Tubs?

Walk-in tubs are designed to last for many years, but how durable they are can depend on the quality of the materials used, and the manufacturing process.

Look for a walk-in tub that is made of high-quality materials and has a good reputation for durability. This will ensure that your tub lasts for many years.

Frequently Asked

Here are some answers to common questions about walk-in tub features:

Does the walk-in bathtub need special plumbing?

No, the walk-in bathtub does not need any special plumbing. It can be connected to the same water and drainage lines as a regular bathtub.

Do walk-in tub manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty?

No, most walk-in tub manufacturers do not offer a lifetime warranty. However, they typically offer a warranty of several years.

Can I install the walk-in bathtub myself?

Many walk-in bathtubs require professional installation, so you may need to hire a contractor to install them for you. You may be able to find a list of contractors who are familiar with their products on The Tub Company’s website. You can also ask your friends or families for referrals, or contact a professional for recommendations.

Do standard walk-in tubs come with a shower?

No, standard walk-in tubs do not come with a shower. However, sometimes you can add a detachable shower head or turn the entire setup into a walk-in tub shower combination.

The features to consider before buying a walk-in tub are important to think about before making your purchase.

From the quality of materials to the price, make sure you know what you’re getting before bringing your new tub home. With the right research, you can enjoy many years of use from your new walk-in tub.