Ella's Bubbles Walk-in Tub Review

For those who have limited mobility or problems with balance, a walk-in tub can make living at home a far easier prospect. Ella’s Bubbles is a firm that specializes in providing innovative features to walk-in tubs.

In particular, Ella’s Bubbles tubs are particularly good for those who need a massage option from their tub, with a range of high-quality massage options in their therapeutic tubs.

As a sister firm of a walk-in tub manufacturing company, Ella’s Bubbles is able to commit to innovation, meaning that it has a market-leading range of products available. In addition, the technology available means that Ella’s Bubbles tubs fill up – and drain – faster than many others on the market, a seemingly small detail with major implications. Regardless of your needs and circumstances, it’s likely that Ella’s Bubbles has something that can change your life.

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Pros & Cons
of Ella's Bubbles Walk-in Tubs



The construction quality of all Ella’s Bubbles tubs is extremely high, meaning you’ll get a tub that you can rely on and that will last over time.


Ella’s Bubbles has an extremely wide range of products available – meaning that you can customize your tub to your own specific circumstances or budget.


Ella’s Bubbles specializes in massage tubs, and there are three different options for you to choose from hydromassage, air massage, and ‘infusion microbubble therapy.’ If you’re looking for a tub that can provide more of a therapeutic benefit, rather than just a space to bathe, Ella’s Bubbles is a really strong option.


Unlike some other tubs on the market, Ella’s Bubbles’ are designed with accessibility for even those with the most limited movement. For example, Ella’s Bubbles tubs are extremely wheelchair friendly, and you can even choose a specific wheelchair or companion tub.

Customer Service

Across the board, customer reviews have praised Ella’s Bubbles’ customer service in terms of the dealers, the installers, and the customer support. You’re in good hands with the Ella’s Bubbles team.



Because the Ella’s Bubbles tubs tend to be higher quality (and with good customer service), you may find you’re paying a premium, especially compared with other options available on the market.


One of the most common objections is that the seats in the Ella’s Bubbles tubs are cold and too rigid. Ella’s Bubbles don’t offer heated seats (like some of its competitors), which may be a deal-breaker for some.


Ella’s Bubbles only uses the highest quality materials, so it’s difficult to find options such as gelcoat tubs on the website. This is unsurprising given Ella’s Bubbles is a spinoff company of an acrylic manufacturing company.

Overwhelming number of options

Because of the extremely wide range of options available, it can be overwhelming to choose which option is right for you. Some walk-in tub companies deliberately limit their range of offerings. Ella’s Bubbles have favored a wide range of model types, features, and customizations.


Ella’s Bubbles is a Chicago-based company founded in 2005. It is an offshoot of the Ella acrylic manufacturing company, which builds walk-in tubs and accessible showers. Ella’s Bubbles focuses on the retail side of the operation, selling high-quality walk-in tubs and showers.

Perhaps because of the manufacturing background, Ella’s Bubbles has been able to continually innovate and sell 20 of its own proprietary models throughout the United States. It prides itself on the small details – such as the fact that its average-sized bathtub is able to drain completely in 80 seconds, meaning less waiting time, all because of the innovative dual drain technology. 

Ella’s Bubbles has continually focused on building up its range of offerings to ensure that customers are spoiled for choice. For example, it sells four different models of two-seat tubs, the largest single-seat tub in the world, and has patents on quick draining and fast filling technology. To put it another way, Ella’s Bubbles invests in innovation and constantly strives to improve its service offerings.


While the range of Ella’s Bubbles products may be overwhelming, you should see it as an opportunity to find something that is absolutely perfect for your physical needs as well as your budget. Here you can find the average cost of Ella’s Bubbles walk in tub. By far the easiest way to find out which Ella’s Bubbles product is right for you is to get in touch via their website, where someone will be able to discuss what you might need and find the best price available – all at no cost.

Types of Tubs
& Features

Types overview

There are six main models of Ella’s Bubbles tubs to choose from. Again, each can be customized with different features, but the first step is to pick the actual tub from the below list:


The Elite

This is the most common option. It has a wider seat than standard tubs, a grip floor, and a backrest. The Elite is 30 inches by 52 inches.


Space-Saving Petite

As the name suggests, this is the smallest tub offered, measuring 28 inches by 52 inches.


Substantially-Sized Ultimate

Again, the name highlights that this one is on the larger end of the scale. It’s 30 inches wide and a massive 60 inches long.


Ella’s Bubbles Lay Down

This is the largest single-seat tub available and can be sized up to 30 inches by 72 inches. Because of this, it is possible to lay down, sit, or stand up in these tubs, and you can combine them with a shower attachment to create an even wider range of options.


Two-Seater Models

This is one of the most unique products on the market. You’ll need the space for it, but if you want a two-seat option, Ella’s Bubbles has a tub for you.


S-Series Tubs

S-Series tubs have a lightweight acrylic door and come in a wide range of sizes. The smallest ones are 28 inches by 53 inches and run all the way up to 36 inches by 55 inches. They also sell a stainless steel door option (the Ultra S-series).


There is an extremely large number of features available in Ella’s Bubbles’ tubs. The below are the most common ones chosen by customers.

Hydromassage jets.

These jets are high-pressure water that is designed to alleviate pain from various types of inflammation, such as arthritis, muscles, or joints. One nice touch from Ella’s Bubbles is to heat the water jets to ensure that the water temperature remains the same.

Air massage.

These offer a more gentle massage than a hydromassage. The Ella’s Bubbles air jets are designed for people with more sensitive joints and create a calming and restful environment.

Dual Drain.

Ella’s Bubbles is (rightly) proud of its proprietary Dual Drain technology. Through four oversized port t-type drains, the Ella’s Bubbles tubs are the fastest gravity-only system on the market.


Ella’s Bubbles does not offer installation through its own team but has local partners in your area who can put in a new tub. Ella’s Bubbles installs the tubs in one single piece, making the process extremely simple. The only potential slowdown for the process is if you need additional drainage installed to accommodate the Dual Drain system. That said, the process generally takes less than two days.


Ella’s Bubbles offers a limited warranty on parts of the walk-in tubs. This lasts throughout the lifetime of the original customer, as long as the customer continues residing at the same address as when they made the purchase. In addition to the warranty, you also get lifetime technical support to help you use your tub. You can access technical support via any of the following (this is a non-exhaustive list):

Video Chat

Ella's Bubbles Walk-in Tub

Here are some Ella’s Bubbles frequently asked questions:

What is different about Ella’s Bubbles’ tubs?

The real point of difference between Ella’s Bubbles and other companies on the market is the sheer range of options. Ella’s Bubbles has 20 different model options, each with a different option for doors, size of the tub, jet options, and therapeutic options. Each of these can be combined in different ways, meaning that you have a near-infinite range of final tubs. This simply isn’t the case with other companies on the market.

Will Ella’s Bubbles’ tubs fit in my home?

This is a crucial question, and you’ll need to take an accurate measurement of the available space before you proceed with your customizing and ordering. Since the tubs are also delivered as one single piece, you’ll also need to measure the width of all the doorways in your home, as well as the turning angles (for example, when going up the stairs).

Is there financing available?

Yes, Ella’s Bubbles offers financing to help make the cost of the tub more affordable. Most health insurance providers won’t cover the cost of a walk-in tub (and Ella’s Bubbles don’t work with insurance companies or the VA to facilitate the process. However, you can receive financing through PayPal, Credit, or Klarna to help you break up your payments.

How hard is it to clean an Ella’s Bubbles’ tub?

They are no different than other types of tubs, meaning you should aim to clean them once a month with a tub full of water and white vinegar. Turn on the pumps and run for about 10-15 minutes. After this, drain the tub, and everything should be good to go.