Bathroom Safety Tips For Seniors

As people age, they can become more susceptible to falls and other injuries. This is especially true in the bathroom, where seniors can often lose their balance or slip on wet surfaces.

In order to help keep your loved ones safe while bathing and using the toilet, follow these tips.

A great way to keep seniors safe in the bathroom is to invest in a walk-in tub. If you are considering purchasing one, here are some helpful resources:

11 Bathroom Safety Tips
For Seniors

Did you know that one in every four seniors fall each year? Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries for older adults, so it’s important to do what you can to prevent them.

Here are twelve tips to help make your bathroom safer for seniors:


Reduce the clutter in the bathroom

Remove any unnecessary items from the bathroom floor and countertops. This will help reduce the risk of slipping or tripping. It’s recommended that you keep only the essentials in the bathroom.

If there are items that need to be kept in the bathroom, but you’re worried about them being a tripping hazard, consider using storage containers with lids or installing shelving to keep everything organized and off of the floor.


Install grab bars in the bathtub or shower

Grab bars can provide much-needed support for seniors when they’re getting in and out of the bathtub or shower. They can also be used to help steady oneself while bathing, or using the toilet.

When installing grab bars, make sure that they are securely fastened to the wall. It’s also important to choose a bar that is the right size, and has a textured surface to prevent slipping or loss of grip.

Here are some other things to keep in mind when looking to install grab bars:

Make sure the grab bar is made of a durable material such as stainless steel, brass, or nylon.
Avoid grab bars with sharp edges or corners.
Choose a style that blends in with your bathroom décor.
Consider the weight capacity of the grab bar.

If you are not comfortable installing a grab bar yourself, or if your bathroom does not have enough space for a grab bar, consult with a professional installer.


Hand-held showerhead

A hand-held showerhead can be a great addition to any bathroom. It allows seniors to bathe without having to step into the tub, or stand for long periods of time.

When choosing a hand-held showerhead, look for one that has an adjustable spray pattern and water pressure. This will allow you to customize the shower to your needs.


Raise the toilet seat

If your loved one has difficulty getting up and down from the toilet, consider raising the seat height. This can be done with a toilet seat riser, or by adding a few extra bricks to the bottom of the tank.

Be sure to choose a raised toilet seat that is comfortable and easy to clean. It’s essential that the seat is the right size so that your loved one can easily sit down and stand up without assistance.


Weighted shower curtain

This is one of the best ways to prevent falls in the shower. A weighted shower curtain will stay in place, and will not blow around like a regular shower curtain. Weighted shower curtains can be found at most home goods stores.

They are typically made of heavier fabric and have weights sewn into the bottom hem. Installing a weighted shower curtain is a simple way to make your bathroom safer for seniors.


Non-slip bath mats

One way to prevent slips and falls in the bathroom is to use a non-slip bath mat. Place it on top of the bathtub or shower stall floor to provide traction. Be sure to select a mat that’s large enough to cover the entire area.

When choosing a bath mat, be mindful of the type of material. Some mats are made of latex or other materials that can cause allergic reactions. If you have sensitive skin, look for a mat that’s made of natural fibers, like cotton or bamboo.


Keeping the bathroom pathway clear

Be sure to keep the pathway to the bathroom clear of any obstructions. This means keeping cords and wires out of the way, as well as ensuring that there is plenty of space for someone in a wheelchair or walker to get through.


Consider a walk-in tub

If you have the space and budget for a bathroom remodel, consider installing a walk-in tub. Walk-in tubs have many features that make them safer for seniors, including low thresholds for easy entry, built-in seats, and grab bars.

Here are some other features to consider when purchasing a walk-in tub:

Hydrotherapy – This option features therapeutic jets that can help relax muscles and improve circulation.
Heated Seats – For extra comfort and safety, heated seats can keep you warm on chilly days.
Air Jets – These bubbles help massage your body, and can be very relaxing.

When shopping for a walk-in tub, be sure to consult with a qualified bathroom remodeler to find the best option for your needs


Non-slip shower/bathtub chair

Using a shower chair or bath chair helps seniors stay safe while bathing. Look for a model with non-slip rubber feet to prevent slipping and tripping. A backrest also provides additional support and comfort while showering or sitting in the tub.

Most models are adjustable to fit different-sized showers and tubs, and they have drainage holes to prevent water from pooling on the seat. Some chairs even come with a removable tray for holding soap, shampoo, and other bathing supplies within reach.


Keep things at arm’s reach

An important part of staying safe in the bathroom is keeping everything you might need within reach. This includes your toiletry items, towel, toilet paper holder, and clothing. Make sure to keep a sturdy grip on any objects that could cause you to slip, such as shampoo bottles or cups.

If possible, try to keep one hand against the wall while you move around the bathroom. This will help you keep your balance and avoid any potential accidents.


Get support from a caregiver

If you want to ensure bath safety, you can also have a caregiver assist you. This is especially important if you are mobility-impaired, or have other health conditions.

A caregiver can help you get in and out of the tub, make sure the water temperature is just right, and hand you anything you need while you’re bathing.


  • Make the bathroom easy on the eyes – Seniors can be known to suffer from poor vision, so it is important that the bathroom is brightly lit and easy on the eyes.
  • Install proper lighting – Install bright light bulbs in all of the lamps and light fixtures in your bathroom. Proper lighting will help seniors see everything in the room clearly.
  • Put away razors and other sharp objects – Be sure to put away any sharp objects such as razors and scissors when they are not in use. This will help prevent accidental injuries.

What Are some common
Senior Bathroom Hazards

One of the most common hazards for seniors in the bathroom are falls. This can be due to a number of factors, such as: 

Slippery surfaces
Clutter on the floor
Bathroom floors
Poor lighting

It is important to be aware of these dangers, and to take steps to prevent them from happening to your elderly family members. With a little bit of preparation, you can help make the bathroom a safe and comfortable space for them to use.

Frequesntly Asked Questions

Below are some questions and answers related to bathroom safety for seniors:

Is a walk-in shower safe for seniors?

A walk-in shower is a great option for seniors as it can offer many safety features, such as low thresholds, built-in seats, and grab bars. Be sure to consult with a qualified bathroom remodeler to find the best option for your needs.

Does the shower caddy prevent falls?

A shower caddy can help prevent falls by keeping all of your bathing supplies within reach. Look for a model with non-slip rubber feet to prevent slipping and tripping.

Why do old people fall in the bathroom?

An elderly person may fall in the bathroom due to a number of factors, such as slippery surfaces, clutter on the floor, bathroom floors, and poor lighting. It is important to be aware of these dangers, and to take pre-emptive safety precautions so you can prevent them from happening to your elderly family members.

How can I make my small bathroom safe for my grandmother?

There are a few things you can do to make your small bathroom safe for your grandmother, such as installing proper lighting, putting away sharp objects, and keeping things at arm’s reach. You can also have grab bars installed as an extra measure of security.

Senior bathroom safety is important for many reasons. Falls are one of the most common hazards for seniors in the bathroom, so it is important to take steps to prevent them.

With a little bit of preparation, you can help make the bathroom a safe and comfortable space for your elderly family members. So, be sure to keep these senior bathroom safety tips in mind.