Average cost of American Standard walk in tub

If you are thinking about purchasing an American Standard walk-in tub, there are many things to consider. This article will highlight the average cost of American Standard walk-in tubs as well as other costs you should consider when making your decision to purchase a walk-in tub. We’ll also discuss what makes American Standard’s products so unique and why they might be a good choice for your bathroom renovation plans.

Why is American Standard so popular?

American Standard is one of the most trusted names in bathroom and kitchen improvements, and their products continue to gain popularity because they offer quality and value. Their products are built to last, and they provide superior customer service. They also make sure to listen to customers’ needs before developing new designs. All of these factors contribute to making American Standard the solid and trustworthy brand it is today. Here you can see our American Standard walk in tub review.

of a Walk-in Tub

There are several reasons people choose a walk-in tub over other types of bathtubs. Here is a list of some of the critical benefits of a walk-in tub:

A safer option for individuals with physical limitations:

Features like the low threshold, high seat, and wide door make bathing in a walk-in tub a much safer bathing experience than in traditional tubs.


And you won’t have to worry about someone walking in on you while you’re bathing. The wall is high enough that you are fully concealed.

Easy to get in and out

Simply step inside the tub and then step back outside again.

Health benefits

Of course, there are the health benefits of bathing regularly, but additionally, many of American Standard’s walk-in tub models include therapeutic jets to massage and relax aching muscles.

Easy to use controls

The easy-to-use control panels so you can adjust the massaging jets or water temperature with just a quick twist of a knob or push of a button.

Average Cost
of an American Standard Walk-in Tub

The average cost of an American Standard walk-in tub is around $6,000. However, the total cost varies depending on what model of American Standard walk-in tub is chosen and what additional features are added, if any. Other things that could contribute to the final cost are installation and any remodeling work needed.


Tub Type


Added Features


Installation and Other Work

Tub Type

There are four general types of tubs that American Standard offers. Within these groups, there are more specific styles and materials to choose from, but these will give you an overall guideline for pricing.

Deep Soaking Walk-in Tub - $4,500 – $8,400
Walk-in Whirlpool Tub - $5,300 – $10,000
Walk-in Air Tub - $5,700 – $10,400
Combo Massage Walk-in Tub - $6,200 – $11,200

Deep Soaking Walk-in Tub

This is the starter level walk-in tub without all of the bells and whistles. However, it does include all of the essential basics that will get the job done, including a comfortable seat, wide door, low threshold, and grab bars.

Walk-in Whirlpool Tub

The Whirlpool model offered by American Standard includes hydro jets, which are jets of water that create a circular motion that helps massage muscles and reduce stress and tension.

Walk-in Air Tub

This model comes standard with air jets, which can be adjusted to create a soothing massage effect at the level you desire.

Combo Massage Walk-in Tubs

These tubs combine both a whirlpool and air massage in one unit. They come standard with two air jets, which can adjust to create either a relaxing massage or a powerful stream of water. The tub also has hydro jets, which provide a calming massage effect.

Additional Features

While the model of tub you choose is the starting point for pricing, the number and type of extra features you decide to add on top of that is what will give you a better idea of the final cost. Here are some examples of safety and comfort features you can choose to add onto your American Standard walk-in tub.

Handheld shower

A detachable hand shower can be installed right on the side of the tub, so it can be easily grabbed and operated.

Quick drain feature

American Standard’s quick drain capabilities can drain an entire tub in under two minutes. This is perhaps an underrated but extremely valuable feature since you have to sit there while the full tub drains before you can safely open the bath door.

More massaging jets

If the standard number of air and water jets doesn’t do it for you, you can always choose to add more.

Additional grab bars

For more support when standing or sitting, you may want to consider installing additional handrails to reduce falling risk.


This term refers to light therapy. American Standard can install a chromotherapy system that promotes relaxation through the use of calming lights and colors.


This is another feature that adds to an overall spa-like experience in your bathtub, with pleasant scents that are released into the water.

Installation and Other Costs

Cost of Installation

The installation cost varies greatly depending on where you live, what type of home you own, and even what kind of tub you want. In general, however, you should expect to spend anywhere from $2,000-$5,000 for installation. So if you’re looking at a high-end model like the Premium Acrylic Gelcoat Walk-In Tub, you’ll probably pay more than $3,500.

Another key determining factor for installation costs is who you get to perform the walk-in tub installation. You have a few main options for how to go about this. You can have your walk-in tub installed by the manufacturer, through a retailer, or a contractor or handyman.


The first potential option is having American Standard install their walk-in tub. This is the recommended option as American Standard has great warranty offerings across its models, and if someone else besides a certified American Standard technician installs their tubs, then it will void many aspects of the warranty. In addition, American Standard will give you a free installation bid when they bid you for the tub itself. Click below to get connected with American Standard for your free bid.


A retailer will connect you with their team of installers. This gives you very little control over the installation process and, as mentioned above, may void many aspects of your tub warranty if you go this route.

Contractor or Handyman

The good part of this option is that you can choose an individual that you know and trust to work with. However, as continually stated, you will lose out on your warranty benefits if you decide to use someone that isn’t the manufacturer to install your tub.

Installation typically takes between four and six hours, depending on how easy the location chosen is to access or if there are any additional components that need installing, such as grab bars or water control valves (which usually don’t require many tools).

Other costs may include any additional plumbing, electrical, or reconstructive work you may need to get your new walk-in tub to work effectively in your current bathroom. You will also have to consider if you need a new faucet or drain, which is not included with the tub itself.


Warranty Coverage

American Standard offers warranties on all of their products, including their walk-in tubs. These warranties vary from one product to the next but typically cover parts and labor for up to 10 years. The specifics of these warranties can be found here:

Liberation Walk-in Tub:

  • Tub – lifetime
  • Labor – lifetime
  • Installation – lifetime

Premium Acrylic Walk-in Tub:

  • Door seal – Lifetime 
  • Tub – 15 years 
  • Parts – 10 years

High Gloss Acrylic Gelcoat Walk-in Tub:

  • Door seal – Lifetime 
  • Tub – 10 years 
  • Parts – 5 years

Standard Acrylic Walk-in Tub:

  • Door seal – Lifetime
  • Tub – 15 years parts only

You get a free lifetime installation bid for all of American Standard’s models when they give you your initial estimate. It is highly recommended that if not purchased directly from the manufacturer, to have someone else install it who has been certified by the manufacturer to do so in order to keep yourself safe and covered under their warranties.

As you can see, getting a walk-in tub isn’t cheap. But if you’re planning on soaking up all those luxurious bubbles, then you might as well get the best quality product available. While many people think they can save money by buying a cheaper model, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be happy with their performance. Remember that the quality of the material used in a tub directly affects its durability and overall lifespan.

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In summary, American Standard walk-in tubs are an excellent option for those who enjoy the luxury of having a spa experience in their home.

They offer many features that promote wellness and relaxation, as well as benefits such as being able to use them even if you have difficulty getting up from sitting down or standing upright easily because they can be customized exactly how you need them to be. And with options ranging from standard acrylic models all the way to high gloss gelcoat finishes, there is definitely one out there for everyone.